HARP’s travelling museum

Our travelling museum has been a massive success so far. We setup this simple, mobile museum with the aim of using it to teach people about the archaeological process and southern African heritage. Importantly, we wanted this to be a way to represent indigenous hunter-gatherers from the Mapungubwe area, a group of people who have seen considerably less attention than others in our study area. The museum is a practical solution to the challenges that many people face, such as not being able to travel to museums, afford them, or just not being interested in them. We bring heritage to people, introduce them to the past, remove the display’s glass (so to speak) and let them touch history, feel it, experience it, and hopefully learn something, not least of which we hope is that, actually, our history is pretty amazing and worth learning more about. Justine van Heerden is busy with a study examining how effective our museum initiative is and whether it has the impact that we intend for it to have. Time will tell. Keep following for details!

If you want to see the museum, or wouldn’t mind us paying your society, museum, or school a visit, drop us a message and we’ll see what we can arrange.

Photos by Justine van Heerden

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